Уральский институт экономики, управления и права

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Dear students, postgraduate students, colleagues, and friends!

Welcome to the official site of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law!

“Education is such a thing where nothing should be neglected.” This is Max Scheler's statement that simply and laconically gives an idea of educational process – education of a person equals to his course of life.

Even now, while choosing where to study, you should understand where and for what price you can get knowledge, skills and abilities, connections and experience that guarantee the competitiveness of a graduating student.

From this point of view our Institute is one of few institutes of higher education that provides the first and the second higher education with its own peculiarity - good law training. This peculiarity is typical not only for graduating students of the specialty Jurisprudence. A graduating student of our Institute with a diploma in economics or finance is well grounded in civil law, law of master and servant, housing law, family law and criminal law. You must admit that it’s important for those who begin or have already established their business.

The Institute offers broad opportunities for getting fundamental and applied education because different active methods are used in educational process, new information technologies are developed and introduced, scientists and practitioners are invited to the Institute.

Our country needs educated and competent people. We pin our hopes on You, the graduating students of higher educational institutions, to have a successful future of our nation.

Our students are always in demand and they work in the bodies of state power and state administration, in courts, public prosecutor's office, Bar, banks; they work as top managers, middle-level managers at enterprises of different forms of organization and law, and they also work in educational institutions.

Last year we got a right to carry out educational activities using new educational programs of postgraduate education.

We believe that wonderful years of students' life will give you a supply of positive energy and teach you to be firm in solving any kind of a problem. You will also get true friends with whom you will begin the world and will continue your long and eventful life. You will always think well of us when you prove your knowledge in practice.

We will take care to create comfortable conditions for the formation of moral, highly intellectual and healthy individual who strives for self-development, is able to find himself, be successful as a highly skilled specialist and be useful to the society, acting for the progress and human prosperity, though this might sound high-flown.

We have all prerequisites for that: spacious lecture halls with up-to-date equipment, highly skilled academics and eventful students' life.

Our site was made to contribute to the achievement of this goal. This information resource helps you to get quickly timely and reliable information about many-sided life of the Institute: research, education, sport, culture and entertainment. Here you can learn about the Institute’s history, its branches and representative offices as well as its plans and events.

I’m sure that you will be able to achieve your goals and knowledge that you’ll get in our Institute will give you an opportunity to implement the boldest plans.

I wish you health, happiness, success in your studies, business, private life and good projects.

Asadov A. M.

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