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Department of Mathematics and Natural Science


Aim of the Department

Department of Mathematics and Natural Science organizes and carries out studies, methodological, scientific and research work on disciplines of the department. It also carries out students’ educational work, scientific researches on department’s specialization, training of scientists and academics and their professional development.

Scientific and Research Spher

  • mathematical models and methods of image identification and optimization in economy;
  • models and numerical procedures of solution of differential equation with a lag.

Department’s Tasks

Constant improvement of educational process, including:

  •  inclusion of new sections in courses of lectures and preparation of new courses in accordance with the spheres of specialists’ training at the Institute;
  • introduction of new educational technologies;
  • involvement of students in scientific and research projects of the department;
  • renewal of educational and methodological materials;
  • development of disciplines’ programs according to the state educational standards of specialists’ training and their adjustment according to the latest science achievements and practice requirements;
  • development of educational and methodological complexes of disciplines and specialties; realization of complex methodological support of disciplines;
  • organization and guidance of scientific and research works, students’ educational and practical trainings, yearly projects and degree works; holding of examinations and tests, and analysis of their results;
  • postgraduate courses, trainings and extension courses for scientific and teaching staff training and professional development.


  • Discrete mathematics
  • Differential equations and numerical procedures
  • Selected methods of the higher mathematics
  • Imitating modeling of economic processes
  • Concept of modern natural science
  • Linear algebra
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical logic and theory of odd sets
  • Mathematical economics
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Mathematical programming
  •  Fundamentals of economic modeling and operations research
  •  Probability theory and systems analysis
  • Finance mathematics
  • Ecology
  • Econometrics

Department’s Staff:

Head of the department – D.Sc.in Physics and Mathematics, Professor Pimenov Vladimir Germanovich


Professors, D.Sc. – 3
Associate Professors, Ph.D. – 12
Senior academics, assistants -2

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