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The UIEML's student received personal Award named after Gaidar!

Among the educational institutions whose students have the right to receive the above mentioned scholarship are: Omsk State University named after F. Dostoyevsky, Yaroslavl State Technical University, Tver State University, Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Voronezh State Technical University.

We are among the leading universities in the country, which once again confirms the high quality of our students.

Dmitry Medvedev signed the Decree about perpetuating the memory of Yegor Gaidar.

Yegor Gaidar is a grandson of the known Russian writer. He finished school with a gold medal in 1973, the faculty of economics of the MSU in 1978. Yegor Gaidar became a kandidat in 1980 and in 1990 – Doctorate of economics.

Gaidar was one of the ideologues of market reforms in Russia. He participated in Belovezhskaya Puscha negotiations of three union republics -RSFSR, UkrSSR and BSSR- on secession of the USSR and creation of the CIS.

Yegor Gaidar is the author of over a hundred publications on the economics. He was a director of the Institute of Economy in Transition from 1992 to 1993 and from 1994 to 2009.  In one of the last interview to a question about his hobby, he answered: «Read and write books. »

"Given the Gaidar’s contribution in the formation of Russian statehood and economic reforms, I hereby decree - the document says. the Government of the Russian Federation to establish, starting in 2010, ten personal scholarship named after Gaidar in the amount of 1500 rubles each, for students of faculty of economics of state universities and other state-accredited higher education institutions and  to determine the procedure for appointing the named scholarships».

Varvara Rudakova, the awarded student, for two years of studying at the institute participated in scientifically-practical conferences of various levels (interuniversity, All-Russia, international). She published 12 scientific articles, among them: «The role of innovation and investment in the enterprise development», «the Government support and regulation of the agrarian economy», «State regulation and the problems of trade and production processes in the agrarian sector of the  modern Russian economy», «Financial and economic instruments of the social problems solution in a crisis.», «Upbringing and Education: key challenges of the XXI Century», «Improving the competitiveness of companies in the current economic conditions», «Financial support for political parties of the Russian Federation», «Social and economic development of regions», «Improving the quality of education and personnel training in modern agricultural conditions ».

The awarded student shares her impressions: “I am very pleased that I received a scholarship named after Gaidar. This is a significant achievement in my scientific work. I am grateful to Professors of the UIEML, they are example shows that it is not only useful to be engaged in scientific activity, but it’s also interesting. Especially, it would be desirable to thank my supervisor of studies Natalia Modestovna Logachyova. I’m grateful to my parents, they always support me and rejoice to my successes. I believe that life is interesting only when a person puts a goal and achieves it. When the goal is reached, there is a passion to conquer new peaks. And when you reach the goal, there is a passion to reach new tops.

I really want to wish all the students so that they were engaged in scientific activities and achieved results. This is a great happiness when your efforts estimated. And remember: "Science does not give a gift - the science of labor is taken

Heartily congratulate our student and our Institute on this remarkable event!
Let the award of this prize will become a good tradition.

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