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Tennis Tournament

Chief referee of the tournament was Semyonov Vladimir Nikolaevich, a member of the Regional Table Tennis Federation.

Team championship:
1 place – Kamensk-Uralsky team
2 place – Yekaterinburg team
3 place – Kurgan team

Individual championship:
1 place – Moiseenko Pavel (Kamensk-Uralsky branch)
2 place – Abaltusov Dmitry (Kamensk-Uralsky branch)
3 place – Nedosekov Sergei (Kamensk-Uralsky branch)

The winner team was awarded with challenge cup and medals. All participant got consolation sweet prizes.

Members of Yekaterinburg team shared their impressions with us:

“Organization of the tournament was perfect; everything was done in time, there were no delays. All teams had a good training especially Kamensk-Uralsky team. Refereeing was strict but fair” Burlachuk Dmitry.

“I was a participant of table tennis tournament for the first time. I liked it a lot. Our team took the second place, but I’m sure, next time we’ll be the first!” Kachusov Nikita

Congratulations to winners and participants of table tennis tournament! WELL DONE!
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