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Student Council … How It Was

There were two important issues to study: festival A Student is Up to It! (Rus. «Студенту не слабо!» Studentu ne slabo) and organization of charity action for orphan children and children from low-income families.

Students discussed the festival A Student is Up to It! the idea of which had appeared in summer during the admission campaign. They wanted to create interesting conditions for our students to find the most gifted, goal seeking, creative and talented people who do scientific researches. The festival will be held in Yekaterinburg from November to April 2010/11 as a competition of several stages (see placards, regulations of the festival, apply and participate).

 We have such festival for the first time but charity actions are held regularly. Students, academics and staff of the UIEML brought clothes, toys and other useful things to orphanages of Sverdlovsk Oblast and other regions. Last year, Student Council not only brought presents but also prepared a New Year’s show for orphan children in Polevskoi. Our students prepared for this event for a long time and it came out very touching and unforgettable.

This year our students are planning a much larger charity action. We’ll tell you about it later. If you have any questions, please, let us know: room 515 or 8-963-04-83-896

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