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Paintball Competition

All participants got positive emotions and good spirits for a long time.

“We had a great time and want to repeat it! Playing games together always draws us closer and all negative emotions disappear. For the next days we were in a good mood!”
Cherevichenko IS-301

It was really great! I played paintball for the first time and I liked it! You run all over an unfinished building, everything is in paint and semidarkness, you can’t see anything! When you see somebody you start shooting (laughing).”
Denis Tumanyants, IS-101

At such events, students can become good friends and have great weekends. Students showed good physical training and ability to react quickly.  The results were good as the winner was the Friendship!

Students plan to repeat the event in spring and invite everybody to join them. And this fact reaffirms that the UIEML is one big friendly family!

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