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Congratulations to KVN Team According to Feng Shui

Since spring, students started to prepare for this event: they invented jokes, sought and made properties, made music videos, chose music, etc.

KVN team According to Feng Shui participated in semi-final of Students League on September 15, 2010. Apart from our team, there were seven strongest teams of Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk Oblast. Our students took the second place as they were well grounded and had wonderful sense of humor. The fact that our team participated in semi-final was very important for KVN development not only in the UIEML but also in Yekaterinburg (According to Feng Shui was the only team of Yekaterinburg that passed to the final). Editors of Chelyabinsk Club of the Funny and Inventive helped our team to prepare for the games. Our students learnt new humorous methods, had stage speech training, developed associative thinking, learnt how quickly find the most suitable solution to problems set by the editors.

The final of KVN Open-League took place in Chelyabinsk on November 10, 2010. Our team According to Feng Shui took the third place and was awarded with bronze medals. The competitors were the finalists of different leagues from Chelyabinsk Oblast and that is why the competition was very hard.

According to the results of the games, our team According to Feng Shui was invited to one of the largest festivals of Ural region, Snow Gullies (Rus. «Снежные буераки» Snezhnye Bueraki). The participants are the teams of KVN Higher League and the host is Maslyakov Jr.

Well done! Keep it up!

Organizers of competitions in Chelyabinsk are grateful to the sponsor of KVN team According to Feng Shui – administration of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law – Ali Mamedovich Asadov.

You can find more information about the games on www Amic.ru

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