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Law Students Took Part in International Conference

Sverdlovsk Oblast Government, Sverdlovsk Oblast Ministry for Industry and Science, law firm Gorodissky and Partners organized the conference.

The hosts of the conference were Godovykh M.V., Head of the Department of Small and Middle Entrepreneurship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Ministry of Economy and Egorov S.G., a partner and patent agent of Gorodissky and Partners firm (Yekaterinburg).

The most important speeches:

  1. Mescherykov V.A. - adviser of Gorodissky and Partners firm (Moscow), Some Pressing Problems in the Sphere of Intellectual Property
  2. Gutina E.L. – Ural Customs Administration (Yekaterinburg), Intellectual Property Rights Protection in New Conditions of Customs Union
  3. Lyzhin V.V. – patent agent of Gorodissky and Partners firm (Moscow), Objects of Industrial Property as Business Protection Means. Setting and Structure of Means of Individualization
  4. Medvedev S.V. – a lawyer of Gorodissky and Partners firm (Moscow), Disposal of Sole Right for Intellectual Property Objects
  5. Kurepin A.V. – patent agent of Gorodissky and Partners firm (Moscow), Useful Model: Patent Abolition and Violation

Estonian guest, Urgas Enn, managing partner, European patent agent of patent agency TURVAJA was the last to speak. His report was Patenting in Estonia and European Union (EU), Practice and Perspectives.

Then there was a free-talk round table to discuss the result of the conference.

Along with the experts in the sphere of intellectual property from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Estonia there were our students of the faculty of law: Dostavalova Alyona, Gula Tatyana, Seregina Tatyana, Chernogorets Margarita (fifth-year students), Sinitsina Darya, Gryaznykh Darya, Borodina Elena, Sisina Kseniya, Ulyanova Ekaterina, Kerpenkov Konstantin, Resneev Evgeny (forth-year students) and their adviser – Candidate of Law, Docent Podrabinok E.M.

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