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Regional Competition of Computer Graphics is Over

It should be mentioned that only our students were organizers of the event and the jury included students from every institute.

In whole, the competition was bright and cheerful. Students showed not only their skills and abilities to work with graphics but also their desire to make the world brighter and warmer.

We would like to thank the Board of Administration of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law for its support and prize money.

Especially we would like to thank competitors’ advisers, including Ekgauz E.Ya. who not only worked a lot with students but published an article about the competition in Kamensk-Uralsky newspaper.


1st place – Teploukhov Ilya Sergeevich (University of the Humanities)

2nd place – Kartasheva Ekaterina Mikhailovna (Institute of International Relations)

3rd place – Chuvanev Boris Vladimirovish (University of the Humanities)


“The audience prize” – Stepanenko Artyom Valeryevich (Kamensk-Uralsky branch of the UIEML)

“The most social project’ – Telyakob Aleksandr Olegovich ((Kamensk-Uralsky branch of the UIEML)

“The best argumentation” – Luzin Ivan Vasilyevich (Institute of International Relations)

“Peculiarity” – Tarasov Ivan Georgievich (Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law)

“Creativity” – Veresnikova Viktoriya Vladimirovna (Kamensk-Uralsky branch of the UIEML)

“Professionalism” – Slavgorodskaya Elena Vladimirovna (Kamensk-Uralsky branch of the UIEML)

All winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes. We congratulate all winners and hope that the UIEML will have such events every year. 


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