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First-Year Student Day! How It Was…

For the first time in the UIEML history, this event took place not in a cultural center Zheleznodorozhniki but in our new conference hall in the main building. This fact made the First-Year Student Day of the UIEML 2010 more exciting. How will it go off? What it will be looked like on a new stage? Will there be enough place for the audience? The organizers had to solve these and many other issues connected with the placement change of the First-Year Student Day.

First-year students started to prepare for this event long before the planned date – since September 5. KVN team of our Institute Po Fen Shuyu (According to Feng-Shui) prepared live-action shows as usually. Fashion parade and dances were prepared by the future “lawyers with a dancing talent”: Tatyana Gula, Alyona Dostovalova and Ekaterina Sokolova (J-501). Senior students, i.e. Sergei Porin, Olga Baeva, Bella Efimova and many others also “plunged into the sea of positive emotions and fun” which is an important part of preparation for the First-Year Student Day.

Faculty of economics, faculty of law and faculty of information technologies contended the first prize, Golden Record Book. The theme of the event was Halloween, that’s why the idea was the following: first, students had a live-action show (their distinctive mark) to tell about themselves. Then students had to show their producer skills: they had to make a “horror” Halloween video. Then there was a “Creative Competition” where students showed their musical talents. And, finally, there was a fashion parade of “terrible” and “scary” costumes.

Guests of the holiday contributed to this very interesting program: students of the College of Economics and Law showed their fun, show-ballet Victoria showed a plasticity, and KVN team Po Fen Shuyu showed their wit.

Participants of the conference from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Surgut and Volgograd visited this wonderful event. All guests were delighted with such theatrical and bright performance!

The host of the event was Denis Savin, an author and actor of Yekaterinburg KVN team and KVN team of our Institute. It made the event more colorful. It had a great success! The audience was packed to capacity. It should be mentioned that the audience was very kind and applauded students during the whole event.

The judges of the event were: dean of the faculty of economics Vnukovskaya Tatyana Nikolaevna, dean of the faculty of information technologies Zhigalin Anatoly Georgievich, dean of regional faculty Morozova Elina Vasilyevna, head of computer classes Skripov Aleksander Victorovich and Tatyana Gula, a chairperson of Students’ Council and event organizer. Strict but fair jury had a long discussion because this year it was difficult to choose a winner. All faculties had a great performance. There were interesting shows, creativity, subtle humor, good actors’ play and emotions!  The audience cheered all first-year students. If only we could award every faculty with a Golden Record Book but there was only one! This year the faculty of information technologies won!


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