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Our Seven Students Get a Scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor!!!


According to this rating, seven students of our Institute get a scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor!

Only Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University, and Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky are ahead us!

Congratulations to scholarship holders! We wish them good luck, success in research studies and new victories!

The first impressions of scholarship holders:

Taktueva Anna,
The faculty of economics,
Speciality The World Economy

It is an important and significant event for me to get a scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor for the second time. It is a so-called appraisal of my desire for knowledge and stimulus to scientific work. Of course, I’m very grateful to my teachers and advisors: Vnukovskaya T.N., Rudenkin V.N., Kharitonova Yu.A., Yashina O.N.

 I would like to wish all other students the following: if you want to do something important, significant in your life, you should understand that challenges you face should be taken as necessary conditions for your growth. As we say, the way the seed grows depends on the way the soil is prepared! Everybody has a chance, you should only take it!!!

Glukhikh Anna
The faculty of economics
Speciality The World Economy

It is simple to be successful, indeed: just a desire is enough. The goal, tasks, a lot of time and efforts are necessary to make the desire come true. You start to assess your resources and expected results. At first, it seems the resources are not enough and it is impossible to fulfill a single task. You don’t have any more such a great desire to reach a goal, which is the main part of your success, because there are fears. But if you have a really strong desire for success then all your fears are away.  Desire makes you act and start to fulfill the given tasks. They are steps of success ladder. Going up the steps you may find a given task on one of them. This step is only a part of a success ladder, which is endless. It is easy to be successful believing in yourself and your strength.

I’m very grateful to Yashina Olga Nikolaevna, Kharitonova Yuliya Anatolyevna, Kezhun Lyudmila Anatolyevna for their help and support! I’m very much obliged to the Dean of the faculty of economics, Candidate of Economics Vnukovskaya Tatyana Nikolaevna. I wouldn’t achieve good results in my scientific work without her help!

Rudik Galina
The faculty of information technologies
Speciality Applied Informatics (in economy)

The scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor is just my first step in self-development.

I’m very glad that students of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law are scholarship holders and I’m one of them. The main thing is to understand what is important for you and try to achieve it by any means. To get the scholarship of the Governor was not the main goal for me. It is just the beginning of long and sometimes difficult course of life. The most important is not to give up, struggle and be strong. Believe in yourself and you’ll make it. The real goal is ahead.

I would like to thank Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of the department Syromyatnikov V.N. for all success I’ve achieved. He is not only a scientific advisor for me but also the best adviser in my life. I’m grateful to all my friends and relatives who have supported me and reminded me why I need to exert myself. Having overcome the difficulties, you understand what is important in your life and what is not. That is why I want to wish all students of the UIEML to win but not to be won and I wish all teaching staff of the UIEML the tolerance and successful work with students. Thank You for everything You do for us!

Rudakova Varvara
The regional faculty, 
Kurgan branch
Speciality Economy and Management at Enterprise (trade and public catering)

Entering the Institute I couldn’t imagine that I would start my scientific work so fast. Thanks to the academics, I’m interested in this work. I like very much to participate in scientific and practical conferences of different levels. It’s so interesting to read your personal article in a collection! Writing a scientific work, I study the material that helps me not only in my studies but also in my business activity (this summer I organized a pizzeria).

I’m grateful to academics of the Institute. They set an example for students showing that scientific work is very interesting and useful. I want to thank my scientific advisor Logachyova N.M. She showed me a fascinating world of scientific researches. The scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor is a stimulus for my further progress and professional development.

Mezhin Maksim
Regional faculty
Kamensk-Uralsky branch
Speciality Applied Informatics (in economy)

I like very much to set myself difficult tasks and, of course, to achieve them.

The scholarship of the Governor is a stimulus for me to achieve new goals. 




Zavodskoi Ivan
Regional faculty 
Nizhny Tagil branch
Speciality Jurisprudence

I’m glad that I’ve got a scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor. This was my goal and I wanted to achieve it!

Of course, if there were not my institute, our academics, the real professionals, I wouldn’t get this scholarship. First, I’m grateful to my scientific advisor Savoskin Aleksander Vladimirovich, Kotkin Petr Nikolaevich and Rudenkin Vasily Nikolaevich. They are not just teachers for me but also an example for imitation in my future career. I’m also grateful to the governing body of the whole Institute and of our Nizhny Tagil branch. They’ve made a great organization work, assisted and continue to assist the development of scientific and research activity. I also want to thank the deputy director of teaching work Yurlov Igor Yevgenyevich who believed in my success.

Once again, I thank those who helped me to get this scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor. It’s not my last achievement, I want to continue my scientific and research activity as well as my education after graduating from the Institute. I hope that I will justify your expectations and given knowledge.

Antipkin Anton
Regional Faculty 
Nizhny Tagil branch
Speciality Economy and Management at Enterprise (trade and public catering)

It was a usual day and I was returning from the Institute when suddenly the teaching department rang: “Anton, you are awarded with the scholarship of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor”. The first minutes I couldn’t understand how lucky I was but then I was beside myself with joy. “Thanks God”-I thought, I was lucky. The thing is that the scholarship itself was not very important for me. It did not matter if I could receive it or not because I thought that my results would not make an impression on the committee that examined this issue. However, life has shown that everything is possible and there is nothing impossible. The most important is to keep going towards your aim and believe that you will succeed.

I don’t think that I am one of “clever” students because everything presents a problem for me. I have to study theoretical issues of any discipline for a long time. However, intellect is not a gift but a privilege that should be developed and gained. That is why you should work your tail off to achieve your goal and only then, you’ll be satisfied with your work and achieve your goal.

I would like to thank academics who helped me in my researches, gave knowledge for scientific work; they are Osinovoy Pavel Yuryevich, Bykova Irina Vladimirovna, Khlamova Tatyana Andreevna, Bataev Viktor Vasilyevich and everybody who supported me. Best thanks to my scientific advisor, Nazarov Dmitry Mikhailovich, who helped me in all conferences and seminars.

I’m also grateful to the governing body of Nizhny Tagil branch of the UIEML, i.e. Yurlov Igor Yevgenyevich, Chuby Yana Sergeevna, Belobordova Olga Victorovna and to everybody who assists the development of students’ creative, scientific and research potential.

Best thanks to my parents who helped me, believed in me and supported me.

 In conclusion, I want to thank once again the teaching staff for the basis that you try to provide students with because it’s necessary for UIEML students’ discoveries.
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