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KVN – Cup of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor

18 professional teams of the Club of the Funny and Inventive from different regions of Russia competed for the Cup of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor and tried to go down in KVN history. It was for the first time that the event of such a level within the KVN was held in our city, that’s why organizers were fully responsible for the quality of humor and organization. That was the reason why editors of the Cup, Sergei Yershov and Aleksander Pushkin, personally invited all teams in order to put up a good show.

The KVN team of the UIEML Po Fen-Shuyu (According to Feng-Shui) was also invited to the festival. It is very important for any team to work together with such high-ranking editors and to perform at such a great event. There were the following teams at the stage of UFU: Bomond (Beau Monde), Chelyabinsk (participants of KVN Premier-League 2010 AMIK KVN on the First Channel of Central Television); KVN team of Kazan State University, Kazan (finalists of central Ural League of KVN 2010); Golosa (Voices), Yekaterinburg (finalists of KVN League of Moscow and Moscow Area 2010); Zima (Winter), Yekaterinburg (Semi-finalists of Central KVN League Povolzhye (Volga region) 2010); Krylya (Wings) (finalists of central Ural League of KVN 2010) and other famous teams. Sergei Isaev, author and actor of KVN team Uralskie Pelmeni (The Ural Meat Dumplings), was the host of the festival.

They say you must spoil before you spin, but it was not true with the first Governor’s Cup. The festival had a great success! Everything was perfect: splendid theatre set, good organization, wonderful host and great audience! All teams had a great performance. Every team had its own style and peculiarity. The jury couldn’t make a decision for about an hour and a half. That made the host to organize a warm-up competition at the end of the festival and, by the way, it was also funny though not planned. 

The jury decided that the KVN team of Kazan State University was a winner and it received the main prize – one hundred thousand roubles. KVN teams Zima from Yekaterinburg and Krylya from Chelyabinsk took the second and the third places. Among professional teams, our team Po Fen-Shuyu had a worthy and good presentation. It kept to its style and high-level performance. We hope that the Cup of Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor is not the last event of such level. We wish the team Po Fen-Shuyu of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law good luck at the final of KVN Chelyabinsk League on November 10, 2010.


KVN (Russian: КВН, Клуб Веселых и Находчивых, Club of the Funny and Inventive), a Russian humor TV show.

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