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Diploma Awards Ceremony

Now students can get not only the first higher education there but also the second one. More than 700 students of the regional faculty are going to get diplomas of specialists in June-July 2010. There are 111 graduates of tuition by correspondence in Yekaterinburg.

Students of tuition by correspondence perform their small personal feat. They combine work with study based on independent control, self-discipline and self-restriction. There are students who graduate with honours. Today Alisa Solovyova joins to them. She was not only a diligent student but also a persistent and active one. She was very interested in her future profession and tried to get practical skills. The result of such work is honours degree and the work of a jurist-curator in St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Borrowers and Investors under the party United Russia.  

Ekaterina Sultanova also showed persistence and consistency. She, as Alisa, came from Zlatoust, several hundreds kilometers away, to pass examinations. She works as a lawyer in a travel agency of Zlatoust but recently she has been proposed to work as a legal expert in a large company of Volgograd.

Okulova Elena, a chief manager of a trading network Pyatyorochka, actively participated in students’ life and studied hard.

Congratulations to You, heroes of 2010! 43 lawyers, 36 economists and managers in the sphere of trade and public catering, 32 economists in the sphere of financial management.

My congratulations to academics who work with our correspondence students selflessly, are devoted to their profession and specialists training. Heads of departments and our dear academics are Professor Bakhrakh D.N., Professor Schekochikhin P.G., Professor Kirillova M. Ya., Professor Rudenkin V.N., Professor Lichman B. V., Professor Kotkin P. N., Professor Klimcheva L.G., Professor Akberdina R. A., Docent Kharitonova Yu. A., and Kezhun L. A. Personal thanks to Deans of the main faculties of the Institute for their solidarity, aid and humaneness – Professor Zhigalin A.G., Docent Vnukovskaya T. N., Docent Durov A. I.

 Educational institution has a difficult structure. Services and departments, councils and committees, security department and auxiliaries, etc. are essential for its functioning. Founders of the Institute together with Rector, Asadov A. M., and Chairman of the Board of Administration, Bakhrakh D. N., have created this difficult system and are improving it now.

Special thanks to our Ministry and Federal Service – they are not indifferent to us, responsive, and ready to help us in difficult situations. I wish you and our Institute good optimism, firmness, and self-reliance! We are sure that our diplomas will start work for you and will bring you satisfaction.

Good luck and see you again at our Institute! We will be glad if you return to the Institute to continue your education or to have advanced training. We are ready to accompany you during your career growth. We invite everybody to the Higher School of Specialists in Administrative Law (the magistrates) in the new academic year of 2010-2011. It is a very good opportunity to get additional skills but the most important is to communicate with key and famous scientists of Russia, academics from European Universities. There will be master-classes, videoconferences, Web-technologies. We become closer to each other! Continuous education is the guarantee of success!

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