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All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference

First Kazakova V. N., chairperson of Kurgan regional Duma and secretary of political council of Kurgan department of the party United Russia, welcomed the participants of the conference. Doctor of Law, Honored Scientist of the RF, Pro-rector of scientific work of the UIEML, Bakhrakh D. N., spoke with the participants of the conference in live broadcast.

Participants of plenary meeting listened to and discussed with great interest the reports of scientists, concerning the different spheres of scientific activity:

  • Asadov A. M., Candidate of Law, Rector of the UIEML – Fundamentals of indirect (non-linear) administrative relations theory;
  • Yerikhova M. M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of Scientific and Educational Center of Flexible Educational Technologies, Head of the department of complex innovations technologies of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University – Organization of Specialists’ Training on the Basis of Scientific and Educational Center of Flexible Educational Technologies of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University;
  • Rudenkin V. N., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Head of the department of social and political sciences of the UIEML – Institutional, Political and Cultural Preconditions of Civil Society Establishment in Modern Russia;
  • Lichman B. V., Doctor of History, Pro-rector of scientific work, Head of the department of historical disciplines of the UIEML – Historical Experience of Russia’s Modernization;
  • Orlov S. N., Doctor of Economics, Head of the administration of Kurgan branch of Russia’s Savings Bank (Sberbank) – Innovation Environment of Russia’s Economy;
  • Shalyutin B. S., Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the department of philosophy of Kurgan State University – Exogamy Formation: From Post-Natural to Social World;
  • Grechkina O. V., Candidate of Law, Docent of the department of constitutional and administrative law of South Ural State University – Formation of Legal Foundations of Russian Tariff Legislation at the Period of Customs Reform. 

After the plenary meeting, the participants of the conference worked in breakup groups: Problems of Law State and Civil Society Formation in Modern Russia, Economy of Russia and its Regions during the Modernization, and Historical Experience of Russia’s Modernization.

The collection of conference’s materials Modernization of Russia: Power, Society, Economics was issued.

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