Уральский институт экономики, управления и права

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Faculty of Law

Dean – Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Durov Andrei Ivanovich

Secretary – Mukminova Alina Ildarovna

Chief methodologist of part-time tuition – Shulga Aleksandra Vasilyevna

Senior methodologist of full-time tuition – Sinitsyna Olga Borisovna

The Academic Council of the UIEML decided to establish the Faculty of Law in September 2006. Before, from the time of foundation of the Institute in 1992 and until 2006 jurist training had been realized at full-time faculty where students had studied Economics and Law, Economics, and Jurisprudence.

More than 500 students get fundamental knowledge in the sphere of jurisprudence. The educational process is realized according to modern programs and methods developed by leading scientist lawyers, practical workers in different spheres of law. This enables students study efficiently all subjects.  

Students apply their theoretical knowledge during educational and practical trainings in state courts, agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affaires, prosecutor’s office, law services of state organizations and entrepreneurial structures, advocatory chamber, custom authorities.

In the process of education, students hold scientific and research works under the guidance of academics. Many students have scientific publications.

There is full-time and part-time (evening) tuition at the faculty. Boys who study full-time get deferment of military service for the time of their studies at the Institute.

When students graduate from the faculty, they get a diploma of a state pattern. They can work as legal advisers in state and non-state structures, assistant attorneys or assistants of notary public, investigators, law-enforcement officers, specialists of bodies of state administration and local self-government.

Advantages of studying at the Faculty of Law of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law:

  • Training in two sheres – economics and law;
  • Highly qualified teaching staff;
  • Perspectives of job placement because specialists of the faculty’s specialization are in demand.

More than 70% of teaching staff are academics with degrees and titles.

The Faculty of Law trains students on the specialty Jurisprudence where students get a qualification of a Jurist. There are two specializations: civil and law, finance and law. There is full-time tuition and part-time tuition.

Faculty’s Aims in Future:

  • Continue to expand collaboration between different disciplines, faculties, institutions of higher education as well as international collaboration;
  • Introduce scientific and practical achievements in scientific and educational process in order to increase quality of education;
  • Have new specializations.

Departments of the Faculty:

  • Department of Constitutional Law, State and Law Theory – head of the department is Ph.D. in Law, Professor Schekochikhin Petr Grigoryevich
  • Department of Criminal Law - head of the department is Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Birkin Mikhail Mikhailovich
  • Department of Administrative and Finance Law - head of the department is Honoured Scientist of the RF, D.Sc. in Law, Professor Bakhrakh Demyan Nikolaevich
  • Department of Civil Law and Procedure - head of the department is Ph.D. in Law, Professor Kirillova Mariya Yakovlevna
  • Department of Municipal Law - head of the department is D.Sc. in Law, Professor Vydrin Igor Vyacheslavovich

Address of the Dean’s Office:
Yekaterinburg, ul. Lunacharskogo, 194, office 412
Tel.: (343) 262-61-67

Welcome to our faculty! You will be not just a person with higher education but a competent lawyer!

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г. Екатеринбург,
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