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Round Table Europe in the Changing World Took Place

Professor told his point of view of the development of the world community and gave a detailed account of clusters’ formation.

There is a clear tendency of formation and development of regions of high technologies in Dresden agglomeration (federal land of Saxony) within the development of sectoral and territorial structure of East German economy. The region became attractive for investments of American TNC Intel, AMD. “Silicone landscape” or the area of HI-TECH technologies started to form around the agglomeration.

Rector of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Candidate of Law, Docent A. M. Asadov and the Pro-rector of scientific work, Doctor of Law, Professor D. N. Bakhrakh took part in the discussion.

Pro-rector of educational work, Doctor of History, Professor B. V. Lichman made interesting commentaries on parallel drawing between scientific-production complexes and clusters.

Besides, Dean of the faculty of economics, Candidate of Economics, Docent T. N. Vnukovskaya, Dean of the regional faculty, Candidate of History, Docent E. V. Morozova, Dean of the faculty of law, Candidate of Law, Docent A. I. Durov, head of the department of the World Economy O. N. Yashina, head of the educational department T. N. Uzikhina as well as teaching staff, staff of subdivisions, students of the faculty of economics and regional faculty participated in the round table meeting.

Participants of the round table actively discussed the resources of cluster financing, initiators of projects, reasons and factors that promote the appearance of regions, leaders in the countries of EU.

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