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Our KVN Team Became VICE-CHAMPIONS of Oblast

There were five pretenders for the title of Champion besides our team: Tushite Svet (UPI), Casual (UPI), youth team of USMI, Novye (Kamensk-Uralsky), and team of Yekaterinburg Academy of Modern Art.

There were three competitions: greeting, classical musical homework, and biathlon. Heated game, nerves, and funny jokes. Our team won a greeting competition, was one of the best teams in musical competition but performed not very well in biathlon. It lost the youth team of USMI only two tenth. From the very first it became VICE-CHAMPION of KVN games of Oblast that is why it can participate in Premier League of Oblast KVN games of Yekaterinburg.

Congratulations to our team and the UIEML on such an outstanding achievement!

Good luck in the next games in Chelyabinsk!!! Happy Victory Day!

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