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Results of the PhotoCross “It’s all about us…”

At the appointed time, participants gathered, passed the registration and got tasks. Every team had a task that included ten subjects. Teams had to take one photograph on each subject. Participants were free to photograph everything that they thought corresponded to a subject. The subjects were sincerity, talent, beauty, power, force, hope, labor, success, justice, and youth.

How quick the photographs were taken as well as their quality was taken into account. It should be noted that it was not important what brand of camera was, the participants’ skills mattered.  

When the results of the competition were announced the most talented and active participants got prizes.

First place: Secondary Comprehensive School No. 9 in Beryozovsky – Tosheva Anna, Ziatdinova Elvira, Belykh Alyona, Kryachko Mariya, Grekhova Darya.

Second place: Technical School of Economics and Law – Kuklina Kseniya, Milyutina Lyubov, Novosyolova Alyona.

Third place: Secondary Comprehensive School No. 25 – Portnikov Anton, Postolenko Nona, Lapin Anton, Chernoval Aleksei.

Our Congratulations to Winners!!!

The best photographs will be placed in exhibition It’s All About Us…

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