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State Examinations at the Faculty of Information Technologies

The examination consisted of two stages. The first stage was the examination of theoretical knowledge in all main disciplines of informatics in the sphere of economics (8 disciplines). The second stage was the examination of practical skills in specialization “Information systems in accounting and audit”.

According to the state standard, the examination was held in written form. Students’ answers were accepted in electronic form and the results of practical tasks were also saved electronically and printed.

The head of the State Attestation Committee was Professor A. N. Sesekin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, head of the department of applied informatics in Ural State Technical University.  As usual, students and members of the State Attestation Committee were satisfied with the results of examination: 53% of “excellent” marks and 47% of “good” marks.

The following and the last step of the final attestation is the defence of graduation works. Good luck!

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