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All-Russian Law Students’ Competition

More than one hundred of students from 15 institutions of higher education of the Ural Federal Okrug took part in the competition. 3 teams represented our Institute: team of the faculty of law in Yekaterinburg, team of Kamensk-Uralsky branch, and team of Nizhny-Tagil branch. Team of the faculty of law consisted of: Koptyakov Konstantin (5 year), Dostavalova Alyona (4 year), Efanov Anton (2 year), Gryaznykh Darya (3 year), Sinicina Darya (3 year), Galickikh Olga (3 year), Borodina Elena (3 year), and Khrebtov Roman (2 year).

This year there were 8 nominations of the competition:

  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Right
  • State and Law Theory
  • Law of Employment
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure

The competition included two stages. During the first stage the participants had to demonstrate their skills of working with question-answering system “Consultant Plus”. The second stage was held like an examination, i.e. participants had to draw a card with three questions and without preparation they had to answer all questions. At the end of each stage the results were examined.

There were good results for our Institute already at the end of the first stage: Konstantin Koptyakov (5 year) took third place in “Civil Law”. Now he can go to Moscow and represent our Institute of Economics, Management and Law at the federal level. We congratulate Konstantin whole-heartedly and wish him success and victory at the forthcoming competition.

We are grateful to all students of the Institute who participated in the competition. They proudly performed in the name of the Institute, had enough strength not to give in and not to fall by the wayside, and they also competed with dignity. Let’s wish them every success in the following year!!! Thank You!

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