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Traditional Bowling Tournament

Each team of students had its own funny name - “Mud Haters”, “By Feng Shui”, “Sky Scapers”, “Skittles”, “Goofy”, and “Club named after Lesch”. Academics were more reserved, but their teams “Economists” and “Library” were serious competitors for students.

The tournament lasted for two hours. After a warm-up in the first round 6 teams out of 16 were out of the game. 5 teams more were out of the game after the second tour. In the third round all points were zeroed and 5 last teams had a real battle. All competitors and their “fans” shouted, made noise and had a good time!

ATTENTION! For the first time an academic team “Economists” became a winner in the bowling tournament! Tatyana Nikolaevna Vnukovskaya, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, was the team’s captain. Just 4 points was a difference between the first and the second places. Students didn’t expect such a good play and cooperation of academics and leaved bowling center in some dismay. But everybody who participated in the tournament were very pleased with it.

Thank You! Well Done!!!

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