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Mini-Football Tournament

Teams played according to the principle: three field players and one goalkeeper.

Each team had three matches. Teams drew lots to choose their rivals. They got points according to classical scheme: victory – three points, draw – one point, loss – zero points. Match consisted of two times of ten minutes with gates exchange. Honorary coach of Russia Aleksander Petrovich Yakovenko was a referee.

Many football fans were waiting for heated battle and it made the match more interesting.

Members of teams:

Faculty of economicsEconomists – 1Faculty of economicsEconomists2Faculty of lawLawyers – 1Faculty of lawLawyers – 2Faculty of information technologies IS
Zadorkin S.Yamurzin Y.Rusalov R.Chebaev A.Kachusov N.
Paraschinets K.Vasilvev A. Noskov V.Yefanov A.Savin D.
Antipov A.Antipov G.Fedotovskikh D.Batkov D.Shaidulin A.
Biletnikov A.Burlachuk D.Usarov R.Scherovsky M.Neizvestny U.
Economists – 2 was the leader of the tournament. Its members regularly play football and have practice. They also had the largest group of fans. However, after Economists – 2 had had a draw with an amateur team Lawyers – 1, IS team became a leader of the tournament as it didn’t lose a single point.

Economist – 1 was a “dark horse”. It took the second place thanks to Zadorkin Aleksander who was one of the most active players in the match. Every team had its own leader: Yamurzin Yevgeny in Economists – 2, Usarov Rustam in Lawyers – 1, Chebaev Aleksander in Lawyers – 2. All players were equal only in IS team, it was difficult to find a leader there: Nikita Kachusov had a strong kick, Savin Denis was very quick, Shaidulin Anton was a good goalkeeper. As a result IS team became a champion of the first UIEML mini-football tournament thanks to its well co-ordinated play and equilibration.

Match passed quickly and emotionally in a wonderful sports atmosphere. The game between Economists – 2 and IS for the first place was the most spectacular event.

Results of the tournament:

2Economists - 16
3Lawyers - 14
4Economists - 24
5Lawyers - 20

The Champion, IS team, got a Cup of the Winner and prize winners got different presents. After that, teams thanked their fans for support and agreed to have such tournaments more frequently.

Still, sports are not only passion, but also an opportunity to communicate and have a good time!

Friends, play football!



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