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Beauty Contest is Over

 The most beautiful students from the Institute and its branches (Kamensk-Uralsky, Nizhny Tagil, Lesnoi, and Kurgan) took part in the final.

Before, each branch had had its own beauty contest. Only two girls of a branch who had won in the nominations Miss and Vice-Miss could participate in the contest Miss of the UIEML – 2009. Altogether 10 beauties, including Olga Baeva and Alyona Aksyonova from Yekaterinburg, participated in the final of the contest. The Institute had had only local beauty contests before. This one was the first full-scale beauty contest in the history of our Institute.

Preparation to the final started long before the event itself. Participants went to Yekaterinburg each week to rehearse their performance, prepare their costumes and get acquainted with all participants. KVN team My Father is a Submariner carried out the preparation to the contest that is why the girls had a good time. All rehearsals were hold in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere.

Many students came to the event to see our beauties. All seats were taken in the hall.

The theme of the final was If I were a President. There were three competitions. The first one was Etiquette where girls had to show their manners, because every lady should know the rules of good behavior, good manners and be able to find an adequate way out of any situation. Elena Myatish, Miss of the UIEML of Nizhny Tagil, was the best in this competition. The next competition was called New Year’s Address. Participants had their New Year’s speech like the president of the RF. The final competition was the most interesting one, because it was a creative competition. During the final competition girls had to show their “secret” abilities and talents to the audience. They passed the final competition successfully.  The whole contest and its final passed with a great success.

This event was bright and unforgettable. The winners got not only prizes from many sponsors but also the Certificate from the Board of Administration of the Institute. With this Certificate, the winner can get a discount for the second higher education!

Now let’s summarize:

«Miss Courage» – Alyona Aksyonova

«Miss Mood» and «Miss House» – Kseniya Korobeinikova
Kamensk Uralsky;

«Miss Smile» – Valeriya Franko
 Nizhny Tagil;

«Miss Impromptu» –  Tatyana Gladkova

«Miss Harmony» –  Anastasiya Pustueva

«Miss Charm» –  Alyona Popkova

«Miss Grace» –  Yuliya Pidluzhnaya

«Miss Erudition» –  Yuliya Fattakhova

Elena Myatish from Nizhy Tagil got the Audience Award. She also won in nominations “Miss Stylish Girl” and “Vice-Miss of the UIEML 2009” ;

«Miss of the UIEML 2009» – Olga Baeva
Student of the first academic year, Yekaterinburg

Congratulations to winners!

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