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Governor’s Scholarship Award

The Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast A. S. Misharin, Minister of general and professional education of Sverdlovsk Oblast A. B. Sobolev, rectors of institutions of higher education and directors of secondary special educational institutions took part in a solemn ceremony.

Aleksander Sergeevich Misharin noted in his speech that institutions of higher education of Ural region have strong scientific potential and good perspectives for further development. He wished new scholarship holders good luck, victories and achievements. He sincerely thanked teachers for their everyday hard work and such wonderful results, and parents of scholarship holders for help, warmth and care of Russia’s future.

There were 120 scholarship holders of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast (of higher professional education) and four of them were from our Institute! 

  • Taktueva Anna, faculty of economics, specialty World Economy
  • Grigoryeva Anna, regional faculty, specialty Jurisprudence
  • Makhnova Natalya, regional faculty, specialty Jurisprudence
  • Dostavalova Alyona, faculty of law, specialty Jurisprudence

Taktueva Anna spoke in the name of scholarship holders of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law. She thanked A. S. Misharin for continuation of traditions, UIEML - for creation of conditions for scientific and research activity, faculty – for support and control, and parents – for care and attention.

We congratulate our dear and talented scholarship holders in the name of the Rector and the whole staff of the Institute!

We wish them further success and desire to become scholarship holders again in the next year! Good Luck!

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