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Television Space Bridge with USA

was held in Consulate General of USA in Yekaterinburg on November 17. It was called Corruption Prevention and Counteraction in USA: Administrative, Law, Political and Cultural Aspects (the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law (UIEML) – the United States Office of Government Ethics (Washington)).

There was a dialogue with deputy director of US Office of Government Ethics, Jane Ley, and international programs specialist of the office of international assistance and governance initiatives, Wendy Pond. This dialogue was useful for our academics, students and it gave the possibility to learn more about main legal norms and ethical principles of American civil servants, and about experience of work of US Office of Government Ethics and its methods of corruption control in USA.

This subject is not just interesting, but it is also a topical one from theoretical point of view, because our Institute holds scientific research concerning this issue. The result of such research is the monograph Corruption Control: USA Experience written by the head of the department of political, social and psychological sciences, V. N. Rudenkin. The department of administrative and finance law under the guidance of Doctor of Law, Professor D. N. Bakhrakh studies the problems of civil institutions formation and their participation in a state administrative and management process.

We would like to express our thanks to consul general of USA in Yekaterinburg Tim Sandusky, consul for political and economic affairs Carol Trimble, vice-consul of culture, education and press Christopher Istrati and Yuliya Grigoryeva.

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