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Miss of the UIEML

The contest UIEML Miss of the First Year was held every year. The most talented, active and beautiful girls of our Institute participated in it. They tried to show their talents, ability to perform and just to be the best.

There are 3 steps of the contest:

1 step – voting on participants’ photographs. The photographs hang on the desk Students’ Life and the results of the 1 step are defined according to the results of sms-voting. 

2 step – girls show their talents. It can be a song, dance or a story about herself.

3 step – final step of the contest. Girls answer the questions of anchorpersons. They also show themselves and their costumes during the fashion parade.

During the 3 step Miss, Vice-Miss and many other nominations are chosen. The competent jury makes the final choice.

This year the organizers of the contest decided to change it a little bit. There still will be three steps but now not only first-year students will participate in the contest but also girls of other academic years.

Another change is that after Miss and Vice-Miss of the UIEML in Yekaterinburg are chosen there will be the final with girls from other branches of the Institute.

The 1 step – sms-voting started on November 24.

Konobeev Aleksander, a photographer of our Institute, worked with girls since morning. He tried to convey their beauty through a photo.

Start voting for a girl that you like and let’s wish all participants good luck!


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