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Department of Applied Informatics

Aim of the Department

Training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of applied informatics

Department’s Tasks

  • development and introduction of modern methods of education on the basis of modern IT;
  • development of creative potential of young people able to develop and realize new projects;
  • participation of academics and students in scientific schools, conferences and grants.


  • Web-design
  • Automated systems in accounting
  • Databases
  • Introduction in specialty
  • High-level methods of informatics and programming
  • Computing systems, networks and telecommunications
  • Graphical tools in economic information systems
  • Intelligent information systems
  • Internet technologies in economics
  • Informatics
  • Informatics and mathematics
  • Informatics and programming
  • Information security
  • Information systems
  • Information systems in law
  • Information systems in accounting and audit
  • Information systems in economics
  • Information systems and intelligent information systems
  • Information systems, data bases and data banks
  • Information technologies
  • Information technologies in economics
  • Information management
  • Complex provision of automated information systems with information security
  • Computer systems in the network
  • Corporate information systems
  • World information resources
  • Some philosophic issues of informatics
  • Operating systems, environments and shells
  • Fundamentals of network administration
  • Fundamentals of algorithmization and programming languages
  • Packages of applied programs
  • Packages of three-dimensional programs
  • Personal computers
  • Prospective directions of applied IT development
  • Law informatics
  • Object-oriented economic information systems
  • Applied optimization techniques
  • Programming and administration of 1C systems
  • Projection of information systems
  • Development and standardization of software and information technologies
  • Network economy
  • Structures and algorithms of computer data processing
  • Word processors and publishing
  • Theory of information systems and technologies
  • Spreadsheets in economics

Department’s Staff:

Head of the department D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor Syromyatnikov Vladimir Nikolaevich


Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Obvintsev Oleg Aleksandrovich
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Professor Zhigalin Anatoly Aleksandrovich
Associate Professor Sedykh Egor Vladislavovich
Associate Professor Skripov Aleksandr Viktorovich

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ул. Луначарского, 194
тел. +7(343)261-59-58

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