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Department of the World Economy

Aim of the Department

Training of competent specialists in the sphere of the World Economy (International Investment Activity)

Department’s Tasks 

  • selection of academics for the department;
  • improvement of teaching quality by introduction of new forms of education, including a point rating system, system of students’ knowledge assessment;
  • development and renewal of educational and methodological manuals and programs on department’s disciplines, including guidelines on students’ independent work organization.


  • World economy
  • Monetary theory of international economy
  • Non-monetary theory of international economy
  • Modern monetary theory of international economy
  • Modern non-monetary theory of international economy
  • International currency, credit and financial relations
  • Economy of foreign countries and business conditions of the world markets
  • International marketing
  • International management
  • International finance management
  • International transfer of technologies
  • International logistics
  • International protocol and business custom
  • Theory of external economic expansion of a company
  • Foreign-economic activities of an enterprise
  • International economic integration
  • Practice of foreign-economic activities
  • Organization and management of foreign-economic activities
  • International economic organizations
  • Theory of international trade
  • Theory of international finances
  • Economy of development
  • Foreign investments
  • Economy of direct foreign investments
  • Problems of labour migration
  • International commerce and international marketing
  • International accounting, accountability and audit

Department’s Staff:

Head of the department, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Yashina Olga Nikolaevna

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