Уральский институт экономики, управления и права

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Lesnoi Branch of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law

Head of the Teaching DepartmentSyrova Svetlana Vitalyevna

Methodologist – Tabeleva Natalya Leonidovna

Methodologist – Logashina Yuliya Anatolyevna

Librarian – Vakhonina Angelina Nikolaevna

Assistant of a computer class – Andreevskikh Aleksandra Dmitrievna

Lesnoi branch is an isolated organization department of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law. It has become a center of education, youth scientific and research activity, students’ self-realization and their professional formation.

In 2008, Lesnoi branch successfully passed an attestation and accreditation as a part of the Institute. In accordance with the licence, students of Lesnoi branch study by correspondence in the following spheres: Jurisprudence, Finances and Credit, Economy and Management at Enterprise (of trade and public catering), Applied Informatics (in economy). 

Lesnoi branch is an isolated building with a complete overhaul. The total area of the building is 787 m². There are comfortable lecture rooms and a computer class. The branch has the best-specialized library in the city. Information computer base with Internet access, reference legal systems, and electronic library catalogue Irbis are used in education. Every year the administration of the Institute improves the material and technical base of the branch.

Lesnoi branch has the same teaching staff as our Institute in Yekaterinburg. That guarantees and ensures the quality of education. New educational and information technologies, business and situational games, trainings, round tables, conferences and so on are used in educational process.

Traditionally the Competition in the sphere of law and economics is held for school-leavers of the city.

Open Day is held every year in order to inform people about our branch. Lesnoi branch actively participates in Fairs of Educational Institutions held for school leavers, graduates from lycées and colleges.

One of the priorities of Lesnoi branch is educational work. It is held in order to form optimal environment for students’ self-expression and self-realization for their adaptation to the conditions of modern life.

Different traditions have appeared at Lesnoi branch. They are the organization of different holidays, sport events, scientific conferences and seminars, competitions of students’ scientific works, and writing and publication of scientific articles in collections. Since 2005, students have an opportunity to participate in a competition in order to get grants of the Board of Founders to carry out scientific research.

Celebrations dedicated to new students’ families, and contest of KVN teams between the Institute’s branches have become good traditions of the branch. There is a KVN team Not a Capital (Rus. Ne Stolitsa). Students of Lesnoi branch actively participate in the city festival of students’ creativity Gaudeamus. Students, academics and graduates of the branch get together every year for the First-Year Student Day. 

Today’s potential of the branch enables us to look ahead optimistically and believe in its development in future!

Address of the Lesnoi branch:
Lesnoi, ul. Chapaeva 2
Tel.: 8(34342) 3-86-92, 2(34342) 3-80-13
Fax: 8(34342) 3-86-92
e-mail: lesnoy This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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г. Екатеринбург,
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