Уральский институт экономики, управления и права

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Undergraduates’ Days of Studies Started...


Rector of the Institute, Candidate of Law, Docent A. M. Asadov, pro-rector on scientific work, Doctor of Law, Professor D. N. Bakhrakh, pro-rector on educational work, Doctor of History, Professor B. V. Lichman, pro-rector of innovative education, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Docent A. I. Smirnov had an opening speech.

Deans of the faculties, i.e. Candidate of Economics, Docent T. N. Vnukovskaya, Candidate of Technical Sciences A. G. Zhigalin and Candidate of History, Docent E. V. Morozova spoke about the magistracy in detail.

Head of the department of constitutional law, Doctor of Law, Professor P. G. Schekochikhin had an encouraging speech.

The first day of studies started right after the organization meeting.

There were four lessons at once. It is difficult for want of habit: master classes of D. N. Bakhrakh, A. M. Asadov, self-presentations…And it’s just a beginning.

Our congratulations, dear undergraduates!
We wish you success in your scientific and research activity and self-development.
You’ve made a right choice!
Good luck!

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