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Results of International Scientific and Practical Conference

Organizers of the conference – the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Ural Federal University Named After the First President of Russia B. N. Eltsin, Eurasian Academy of Administrative Sciences. Scientific associates, senior staff and academics of Russian and foreign institutions of higher education took part in the conference.

During the conference many questions connected with the solutions of pressing problems of economics and jurisprudence were discussed.

Niclas Acocella, Professor of the Rome department of economics had a speech at the beginning of the conference. During his webinar he spoke in detail about the Europe’s way out of the economic crisis.

Minister of Trade, Catering and Services of Sverdlovsk Oblast made a report about problems of consumer market formation in new economic conditions. 

There were three breakup groups during the conference:

  • Law breakup group under the direction of Doctor of Law, Professor Bakhrakh D. N.
  • Economic breakup group under the direction of Candidate of Economics, Docent Yashina O. N.
  • Information breakup group under the direction of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Syromyatnikov V. N.

Participants and guests of the conference noted that conferences help specialists (theorists and practitioners) to determine the perspectives of further activity and to find solutions of present problems.

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