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Grants for Scientific Research

Grants of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law are given in order to support and motivate scientists and students of the Institute in their scientific research.

Grants are given on competitive basis as a grant-in-aid to hold certain scientific and research works for a certain period of time. The main goal of the competition is to provide scientists and students with additional opportunities to hold scientific research. The competition is also necessary in order to support successful work of scientific and teaching staff as well as to use efficiently their potential for scientific and scientific teaching personnel training.

The Institute held several competitions from 2006 to 2008. As a result the applicants got grants to hold scientific research on the following subjects:

  • Citizens’ funds raising for house building.
  • Scientific and methodological approaches to assessment of transport infrastructure influence on competitiveness of the Ural region.
  • Representation in the Russian civil law.
  • Development and substantiation of new classification of types of federal state structure.
  • Liability for the damage done by the state agencies, bodies of local self-government and officials.
  • Peculiarities of corporate securities market development in Russia.
  • Problems of law realization in case of compensation for moral damage in the period of establishment of law-governed state in Russia.
  • Monograph concerning the values of young people in France in the second half of the XX century.
  • Sovereignty of the Russian state.
  • Infomedia formation at the Institute: use of integration procedures of electronic textbooks and test systems for educational process improvement.
  • Evidences and proofs in the cases of administrative offences.
  • Development of gaming and educational sale environment (modelling, prognostication, analysis of financial flow) by way of example of moto equipment sales.
  • Legal regime problems of lands in the centers of population.
  • Liability for damage caused by an activity that creates increased danger. Problems of theory and practice.  
  • Debt and pecuniary liability as an instrument of a long-term financing of enterprise activity.
  • Information support of municipal education management.
  • Investment attractiveness of the region’s productive potential.
  • Legal foundation and legal contradictions of gambling industry activity in Russia.
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