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Legal Clinic Service

Manager of the Legal Clinic Service is Korovina Irina Alexandrovna. The Legal Clinic activity is aimed to collaboration with legal agencies, law-enforcement agencies and other public authorities, local government agencies as well as with non-state enterprises, organizations and institutions within the Russian Federation and outside it. Goals and tasks of the Clinic:

  • Provision of legal aid to low-income groups;
  • Introduction of modern forms and methods of students’ training and improvement of existing ones;
  • Strengthening and development of link between legal theory and legal practice;
  • Contribution to students’ practical skills in legal work;
  • Expansion of the Institute’s collaboration with local judicial agencies and other law enforcement agencies;
  • Provision of free legal advice to citizens;
  • Provision of opportunities for students to get practical skills on legal specialty;
  • Use of materials of local judicial and other law enforcement agencies activity;
  • Provision of opportunity for students of the Institute to learn and use the materials of local judicial and other law enforcement agencies activity;
  • Development of students’ skills of work with materials of real court activity and of other law enforcement agencies activity;
  • Looking for places where students can pass practice;
  • Collaboration establishment with local judicial agencies and other law enforcement agencies;
  • Development of an effective mechanism of information exchange between population, mass media and the Legal Clinic. It makes it possible to meet quickly people’s practical needs.

The Legal Clinic carries out: lectures and practical trainings; legal consulting; writing and execution of legal documents; work with legal documents and databases; preparation of publication on urgent legal issues and its distribution to the general public; collaboration with state and non-state agencies and institutions; scientific and practical conferences on different branches of law and other urgent issues; work on systematization and analyses of judicial practice and legal practice of  law-enforcement agencies and other public authorities as well as of bodies of local self-government.

Address: Yekaterinburg, ul. Lunacharskogo, office 115 (Tuesday, Thursday  5 – 7 p.m.)
.: (343) 262 61 67

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