Уральский институт экономики, управления и права

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Krasnoturinsk Branch of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law

Head of the branch – Kolesnikova Mariya Petrovna
Methodologist – Tarasova Olga Viktorovna

Office of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law was established in Krasnoturinsk in 2004. Material and technical as well as educational and methodological conditions started to appear in order to carry out educational process for students who study by correspondence at the place where they live or work.

In 2009, this office was reorganized and since May 7, 2009, it is Krasnoturinsk branch of the Ural Institute of Economics, Management and Law.

Now it undergoes the process of licensing of educational programs in the spheres of: Economics, Applied Informatics; on specialties: Economics and Management at Enterprise (of trade and public catering), Finances and Credit, Applied Informatics (in economics).

Address of Krasnoturinsk branch:
Sverdlovsk Oblast, Krasnorinsk, ul. K. Marx 36a
Tel.: (34384) 4-99-37

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г. Екатеринбург,
ул. Луначарского, 194
тел. +7(343)261-59-58

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